Arietta 60
Arietta 70

Reduce patient-dependent variability for safer, more accurate and faster examinations.

In the radiology field, a high-level of accuracy and reliability is necessary to ensure early detection, precise diagnosis, and appropriate treatment. ARIETTA is equipped with advanced technologies that facilitate fast and accurate examinations.


Emerging technologies offer optimum support for surgical precision.

A diverse selection of transducers provides versatility for different surgical approaches.

ARIETTA’s advanced imaging modalities offer support that can lead to safer, more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Monitoring of vessels throughout the body aids early detection.

ARIETTA is equipped with a variety of tools which enable different approaches for examination of the heart and vessels throughout the body.

Unprecedented clarity of imaging can lead to a more definitive examination.

Women’s Health

Reassurance delivered with more accurate, earlier diagnoses.

Accurate diagnosis of maternal and fetal well-being can be realized using a diverse range of advanced functions.

ARIETTA offers more reliable diagnostic information, providing reassurance to parents.

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